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We’ve been providing VOIP , Analog, and digital Business Telephone Systems and Installations in Durhamd NC, and Raleigh NC for the past 10 years. Over the years, and have developed relationships with VOIP provider not only in Durham NC, and Raleight NC but throughout the country. This website is the culmination of these relationships. We now have qualified, trained VOIP technicians in all 50 states so if you have locations outside of the Raleigh / Durham areas we can handle those locations as well.

We are your expert VOIP Phone Installers locally in Durham NC, Raleigh NC  or anywhere in the country. We have access to the most up to date and feature rich  VOIP Business Phone Systems plus we provide FREE estimates. We have performed thousands of successful installations over the years and will help you find the most competitive pricing at no cost to you. Call today or send us an email for a FREE estimate.

Some VoIP Facts

Making the move to new technology is not always an easy one, especially if you’re used to traditional platforms. Many of our local Raleigh  / Durham Area clients recently upgraded to high speed fiber and take advantage of VoIP Business Phone systems or keep their analog phone system an utilize an adaptor to access VoIP phone service. The attraction was definitely the reduction in montly cost.

Such a scenario isn’t really that uncommon, especially among the Business Phone System segment of the market. Hosted Business phone systems are readily available in Raleigh NC / Durham  NC and most other palces, and with high-speed connections, consumers no longer have to rely on the landline connection. In many a situation, the idea of streamlining communications to reduce cost and access enhanced features offers significant appeal. With that being said we are still always avialable in the Raleigh NC / Durham NC area to provide sales, service, support an repair on traditioinal analog phone systems such as Nortel, Avaya, NEC, Panasonic and many more analog Business Phone Systems based in Raleigh / Durham and surrounding areas.

At the same time, these new VoIP Business Phone system  IP phones don’t have to cost a lot of money and with such a robust internet network in the Raleigh NC / Durham NC area moving to voip phone systems in Raleigh NC  or Durham NC has never been easier. For the commercial business environment where migrating to the technology platform means investing in 100 or more new lines, a lower operating cost is enough of an argument to make the change. Overcoming the cost of that many new phones, however, can get in the way of making a decision. Thanks to a competitive leasing option this is a problem not unsolvable when sourcing a new business phone system. 

Raleigh NC / Durham NC Business Phone Systems have created a new business phone system leasing partnership to support its voip  Cloud hosted phone service as well as traditional analog phone systems. The aim is to deliver more and greater options for partners, while small and medium-sized businesses can more affordably leverage their unified communications platform. The upfront costs are eliminated and all services are combined into one lower monthly bill.

Technology Driving the Next Bull Market

Raleigh Business Telephone Systems will give you key factors when choosing your next business telephone system in Raleigh NC / Durham NC or surrounding areas. The difference between a telephone system and a business telephone system mainly are features geared toward business, attending to your customers and keeping track of your business.

Business Telephone System in its basic form allows users to place calls, intercom other extensions and maybe have a hold feature on the phone. Typical places this type system is found are very small businesses, hotels with a few more options, and older style phone systems. Ask an IP Solutions Consultant at Raleigh / Durham Business Phone Systems what is the best business phone system for your local Raleigh / Durham area busines. 

Business Telephone systems designed recently have many features that assist the users in accomplishing their tasks. Some basic features are caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting. call park, intercom paging, external paging, voice mail and speed dial.

Raleigh / Durham Business Telephone Systems Provide What you are Looking For!

Raleigh / Durham Business Telephone Systems supply and service are important when choosing a great telephone system. Being in the telephone business for over 10 years, the most important factors are:

  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to service ( if ever needed)
  • Reliability
  • Operates without failure 

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